ALCHEMY OF FLESH - Ageless Abominations
$6.66 - $19.99

  • ALCHEMY OF FLESH - Ageless Abominations
  • ALCHEMY OF FLESH - Ageless Abominations
  • ALCHEMY OF FLESH - Ageless Abominations
  • ALCHEMY OF FLESH - Ageless Abominations

ALCHEMY OF FLESH - Ageless Abominations
$6.66 - $19.99

Alchemy of Flesh is a Death Metal band who worship at the altar of the legendary Florida scene. Consciously side-stepping the overwhelming Swede-death aping of many of the modern death metal bands, Alchemy Of Flesh have crafted a sound that is exciting, devastating and deliciously over the top. The solo project of Tim Rowland, Alchemy Of Flesh is dedicated to the sort of full on Death Metal assault that makes the genre so worthwhile. After years of putting out some outstanding one-off projects, Alchemy of Flesh represents Rowland’s most complete work to date. The band's sound pays tribute to Morbid Angel above all, but discerning listeners will also hear the influence of classics like Hate Eternal, Nile, and at times even Incantation. The attention to detail and genuine appreciation goes so deep, that Rowland recorded with the same model Ibanez Universe 7 string and Marshall JCM900 that the legendary Trey Azagthoth is known for using! This is the sort of record that really leans into the authenticity of the work and which despite the relative youth of the project, hints at a wonderfully mature and well executed sound. Once the album drops later this year, they plan to lean into live performances and committing to another record. This is Death Metal for Death Metal's sake. Will you dive in and experience the crazed assault, or will you stand by as these skull crushers proceed to reap a path of violence through the ears of death metal fans from around the globe?

"One of the most important things about writing this album was being true to my influences both musically and in just everyday life. I wanted to represent lyrically the things that truly interest me the most, more so than cliche genre standards. I love horror movies as much as the next guy but I for sure love video games much more. I mean, the opening track is based on Hellraiser, which is one of my favorite horror movies, but beyond that, it's mostly much more nerdy things. It kinda started with one of the concepts being "if I can write a song about Tomb Raider 2 and make it fit the music, then I can write literally about anything I want". That was kinda the liberating point for me. It was really the impetus to make something I always viewed as being limited that much more expressive. So after that, I really opened up and wrote songs about classic games I love like Quake, Morrowind, Silent Hill, etc, along with other subjects I was into at that time..weird Lovecraftian shit and even Star Wars novel lore. In fact, the name itself came from a Star Wars book i read years ago. I made note of the name and years later finally found a place to use it."
- Tim Rowland, Alchemy of Flesh

For fans of all eras of Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal, and Nile

All lyrics and vocals written and
performed by Tim Rowland.
All music written, performed, recorded,
and mixed by Tim Rowland in 2020
at Twin Victim Recordings.
Mastered by JB Van Der Wal.

Artwork by Mike Browning.
Logo by Lord Tetrarch.
Layout by Nestor Carrera

Alchemy of Flesh uses Ibanez 7-string guitars,
Jackson guitars, Spector basses, Alesis e-drums,
GetGood Drums, Marshall amps,
Mooer effects/modeling, Shure mics,
D'Addario NYXL strings, and Dunlop picks.

The lyrics for this album were inspired by
H.P. Lovecraft, Tomb Raider II, Quake I,
Morrowind, Hellraiser, Star Wars EU (Legends), and Silent Hill

Track Listing

  1. Pain Primordial
  2. House of Earth
  3. Lobsel Vith
  4. Slipgates to Annihilation
  5. Knotters of Entrails
  6. Sleeping Chaos
  7. Lava Storm
  8. Fiamma Nera Rites
  9. Opener of the Way

Pressing Information

300 x 12" Vinyl LP
- 150 x Cosmic Portal Transparent BLUE
- 150 x Lava Storm RED
VINYL SHIPPING DATE on or around September 30th, 2021

300 x CD

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