CIST - The Frozen Casket
$5.00 - $21.99

  • CIST - The Frozen Casket
  • CIST - The Frozen Casket
  • CIST - The Frozen Casket
  • CIST - The Frozen Casket
  • CIST - The Frozen Casket

CIST - The Frozen Casket
$5.00 - $21.99

'...the band has taken the science of scorching vocals, gritty guitars ripping out excellent riffs, and a brutal yet precise rhythm section, and turned it into an art. It doesn’t hurt that the production fits the style perfectly, allowing the band’s concoction of Death, Obituary and perhaps some Persecution Mania-era Sodom to play exactly as intended.'
- Decibel Magazine

"The indomitable early death metal sound lives on healthily and heartily on The Frozen Casket, producing not a decent facsimile but an enthralling death metal record on its own merits."
- Angry Metal Guy

Smoldering in rotten decay, Russian Death Metal purists, CIST, infect the eardrums of anyone bold enough to tempt fate. Forging the fires of the past in order to lead the current pack of the modern "Old School Death Metal" movement, CIST pummel the listener with wildly brutal, yet tastefully melodic riffage, and harsh cryptic vocal fury. Thrashing and hammering in the vein of early Death, Pestilence, and Asphyx, CIST are a true testament to the legacy and power of Death Fucking Metal. Get this or die.

CIST was formed in 2014 in Smolensk, Russia, by Nick Komshukov after the breakup of his previous band Hell's Thrash Horsemen. Soon after the releasing their first demo "Synthetic Life" (2015), the band signed an agreement with a Greek label Alone Records to release their first EP "Chemcal Tomb" on 7" Vinyl.

Following the deal with Alone Records, CIST collaborated with U.S. Death/Thrash Legends, Solstice on a split CD released by HTH Records and Unspeakable Axe Records. In support, CIST embarked on a Russian Tour with a Thrash Metal band Entrace.

In 2016 the band recorded a new demo "Cryonesia" and started tracking their new EP, which became "The Frozen Casket". After 2 years of silence "The Frozen Casket" EP (2018) was first released in February 2018 by HTH Records & Metal Race (Russia) followed by a cassette release via Camo Pants Records (UK) in March. A Special Extended 6 Panel Digipak Compilation, including 3 bonus tracks, werel released in April of 2008 courtesy of Redefining Darkness Records & Reaper Metal Productions (U.S.) And now we are happy to present the long awaited Vinyl version with a special bonus track, a cover of 'Deliver the Suffering' by Devastation!!!

Vitaly Lushchenkov - Vocals
Nick Komshukov - Guitars
Mick Shapovalov - Drums
*Bass recorded by Konstantin Rodin

Recorded at CIST basement.
Mixed, mastered and produced by Nick Komshukov
* Deliver the Suffering written by Devastation (TX), (c) Relativity Records, Inc., published by Manic Depression Music & Theory Music, 1991.
Music by Nick Komshukov
Lyrics by Vitaly Lushchenkov
Cover art by Armaada ART
Vinyl Layout by Nestor Carrera

Track Listing

  1. Antisceptic
  2. Incubation
  3. Injected Obsession
  4. Mitosis Simulation
  5. Cryonesia
  6. Deliver the Suffering (Devastation Cover)

Pressing Information

Each album comes with an 11x11" insert inside a standard LP jacket and poly bag with killer artwork by Armaada ART! The Vinyl includes 1 bonus track, a cover of 'Deliver the Suffering' by Texas Death /Thrash legends, Devastation!!!

- 250 x Incubation Version (Clear Vinyl)
- 250 x Cryonesia Version (Black, Blue, White Swirl)

Limited to 500 copies worldwide!

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