KRYPTIK MUTATION - Pulled From the Pit
$5.00 - $11.99

  • KRYPTIK MUTATION - Pulled From the Pit
  • KRYPTIK MUTATION - Pulled From the Pit

KRYPTIK MUTATION - Pulled From the Pit
$5.00 - $11.99

Formed in the Summer of 2019, Kryptik Mutation are a group of close friends who share a love for the Extreme Metal, Horror movies, and video games. While the band take their music seriously, they try not to take themselves too seriously and embrace fun in the creation of their art. Every song has some reference or nod to a video game or horror movie, whether a favorite or a unique story they create inspired from those favorites. Musically Kryptik Mutation are a modern savage... A modern production with old and new school aesthetic alike, combining 90's Death/ Thrash with hints of grindcore and slam. Self-admittedly hugely influenced by Suffocation, the band incorporate those Long Island blasts and groove with a Texas Death/Thrash attack!

Kryptik Mutation is:
Christopher 'ThrashHeavy' De Leon
Jon Trevino - Guitar
Fred Gonzalez - Guitar
Efren Trevino - Bass
Dan "Blast" Garcia - Drums

All music Written by Kryptik Mutation
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Joshua Lopez at Widowmaker Studios
Cover Art by Andrei Bouzikov
Photography by Jeff Antons Photography
Logo Design by Fred Gonzalez and Skadvaldur
Layout design by Nino Cammarata
Band logo by Skaðvaldur

Track Listing

  1. Placentapede
  2. Empires of Galactic Misery
  3. Brain Splatter
  4. Demon's Crest
  5. Blistering Blow
  6. Dying to Rot
  7. Tied Under a Buzzsaw
  8. Sacrafice to Pulverize

Pressing Information

300 x CDs
RELEASE DATE: May 7, 2021

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