DECEITOME - Flux of Ruin EP
$1.00 - $6.66

  • DECEITOME - Flux of Ruin EP
  • DECEITOME - Flux of Ruin EP

DECEITOME - Flux of Ruin EP
$1.00 - $6.66

" It’s all… delicious… and guaranteed to make fans of Swedish-style death metal salivate."

"A relatively underground OSDM act based in Tallinn, Deceitome emerged quietly with their 2016 debut album Death is Called Ethos. Heavily influenced by legendary bands from the 1990s Stockholm death metal movement, the group’s latest release, the Flux of Ruin EP, delivers much of the same fiery, meticulously chaotic brutality as their debut, but with an even greater violence and intensity. Creatively weaving in elements of blackened ambience and moments of nightmarish atmosphere, Deceitome have crafted five brief but hard-hitting tracks of savage, old-school death metal, further honing the pummeling physicality of their material."
- Invisible Oranges

"This five piece from Estonia seamlessly mixes barbaric death metal with some miasmal atmospheric undertones to create an overall grim and flesh stealing effort. Flux of Ruin is a very good EP that treats you to five straight tracks of nothing but pure savage death metal and nothing but. Well executed, written and constructed, Flux of Ruin is a great release front to back."
- Cadaver Garden

"DECEITOME brings us a dose of technical prowess with a renewed DM energy. The sound is modern and aggressive but no so ferocious as I expected. All the elements are well worked, and connect very well with each other. Drum work is exquisite. Powerful guitars with frantic riffs in some passages and slow tempo in most of the album, with a doom flavor that makes it even better."
- Blessed Altar Zine

"In five short, yet definitive, cuts, Deceitome does plenty to assert themselves. They rage and simmer, but in controllable ways. They can be beastly, contained in dunk basement, with no light escaping (title track). They demonstrate an ability to throw in a downtuned melody (Rhythm of Eternity, Deceitome) or a wild guitar lead (title track). Varying speeds, they can be grumblingly fast, as a grizzly running after their food (First Cause, Funeral Rites), but also try their hand at stretchy doom and distorted tones (Miasthmatic Breed). Melodically grim (Deceitome), devastatingly heavy and vocally growling bellows, as expected, most importantly the band achieves that strapping, physical, bruising, body blows atmosphere every death metal band of their ilk strives for. Since that, without a doubt in my mind, was a goal, Flux of Ruin is a success. Singular and not very sophisticated, but these 15-20 min are the pummeling you would expect and the punishment you do receive."
- Metal Reviews

Formed in 2015, Deceitome are a 5-piece Old School Death Metal band from Tallinn, Estonia. Heavily inspired by the Stockholm scene of the 90s, Deceitome offer their own take on the old-school death metal sound, effortlessly blending the styles of a band like Bolt Thrower with the dark undertones and vocal delivery more akin to Incantation.

In 2016, Deceitome released their debut album called Death is Called Ethos, which got the band some attention and underground acclaim. Redefining Darkness in conspiracy with Raw Skull Reocrds are proud to announce Deceitome's brand new EP, Flux of Ruin, which finds the band sounding stronger and more confident than ever!! Prepare yourselves for Armageddon!!!!

Recorded Mixed/Mastered by Are "USB" Kangus of Walter Productions, along with assistant engineer Karl Korts,
at Tallinna Linnahall during 2018-2019.

Lyrics written by Kevin Rändi
Artwork by Skadvaldur
Logo by Tarmo Kasearu
Band picture by Kadri Sammel
Layout by RSR 2016

Track Listing

  1. Flux of Ruin
  2. Funeral Rites
  3. The Rhythm of Eternity
  4. Miasthmatic breed
  5. Deceitome

Pressing Information

500 x CDs

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