BURIAL (NL) - Relinquished Souls

  • BURIAL (NL) - Relinquished Souls
  • BURIAL (NL) - Relinquished Souls

BURIAL (NL) - Relinquished Souls

A true hidden gem in Death Metal's storied past that was once lost, BURIAL's "Relinquished Souls", is a testament to early European Death Metal. Proudly, alongside our partners Raw Skull Recordz in Europe, we are finally giving this album it's proper due.

Not to be confused with the other Burial's (1 British band, 2 American - the Florida version I was actually quite fond of), I always felt that the BURIAL from the Netherlands was the best of the bunch and yet, the most overlooked. This album has been re-issued twice in the past, once on LP (Vic Records) and once on CD (Memento Mori), but never to the extent of the version we are bringing forth now.

Fans of Massacre's "From Beyond", Obituary's "Slowly We Rot", and Death "Leprosy" will revel in this albums wonder! It is a classic that deserves love and respect - Hail BURIAL!

Stefan Verdoorn - Vocals | Guitars
Peter Dees - Guitars
Erwin Van Dorsselaer - Bass
Cyrille Dhaene - Drums
**all drums on the album were performed by Renzo Van Poecke

Produced by Andy Classen
Mixed & Recorded by Andy Classen and Burial
Mastered by Andy Classen
All at Stage 1 Studio, Buhne, Germany

Cover Paintings by Piet Clysen (1909-1977)
Photos by Lienke Clysen
Backcover Paintings by Danny Van Nes

Layout Re-design by Rai Wolters
Liner notes by Menno De Four, Angelo De Bruijn, Erwin Wesdorp and Steven Vrieswijk

All Demo, Live, Studio & Extra photo materials supplied by the members of Burial

Track Listing

  1. The Second Coming
  2. Failure of Technology
  3. Traumatized
  4. No Existence
  5. Abhorrence Within
  6. Frigid Cold
  7. Inner Hostility
  8. Untimely Demise
  9. Pitiful God

Pressing Information

500 x Cds


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