APPALLING - Inverted Realm
$0.00 - $6.66

  • APPALLING - Inverted Realm
  • APPALLING - Inverted Realm

APPALLING - Inverted Realm
$0.00 - $6.66

" “A Mutilator At Large” really is a very good song from the beginning, but starting about one minute, forty-five seconds in, the song becomes fantastic. Before then, it ravages and thunders with highly infectious energy and rampaging ferocity, with a fast, pulsating riff in the center of the music that’s very infectious by itself. And then the music begins to change, becoming more anguished and bereaved."

"Inverted Realm‘ is a release packed full of well-crafted tracks that really capture Appalling‘s penchant for bleak sonic tones, venom-fuelled vocals, and lyrics that are about as far away from optimistic as you can possibly get. This album comes highly recommended for all of the moshers out there, and further represents a further step in the right direction for a collective who are now rapidly-growing in popularity."
- Muzak Review

“How do you stand out in the black/death combo world these days? Simply by doing it better then most. Inverted Realm is uncultivated bleak horror, raw and twisted but darker and deeper then just that. What we have here is an evil sounding record, one that claws its way into your brain.”
- Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

Spewed from the cauldron on the blasphemous wings of damnation, APPALLING harken to the dark origins of death metal's unholiness with disdain and vengeance. Sonically and conceptually vicious with precision and clarity, this assault on the meek spares none in an ongoing quest for darkness with savagery and brutality as its guides. Combining musical technicality with an emphasis on infectious structuring, APPALLING make a powerful impression that is a testament to death metal's ability to provoke and stimulate the darker side of the psyche. Whirlwinds impitous dirges penetrate you and the chaotic journey is as exhilarating as it is horrifying. The sick remain blessed.

For fans of Morbid Angel (early), Angelcorpse, Absu, and Satyricon

Appalling is:
JA - Bass
B - Drums
BM - Vocals
DM - Guitars
JK - Guitars

All music written and performed by Appalling
Engineered and mixed by Thomas "Rusty" Scott
at the Ward, Richmond, Virginia
Mastered by John Demaio

Cover Art by Joe Keinberger
( @joekeinberger_art)
Layout design by Thomas Haywood

Track Listing

  1. Hot Coals For Branding
  2. Shameful Kiss
  3. Epileptic Sermon
  4. Artifact and Vessel
  5. A Mutilator at Large
  6. Critical Thinking
  7. Templar

Pressing Information

300 x CDs

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