WRAITH - Absolute Power
$3.00 - $19.99

  • WRAITH - Absolute Power
  • WRAITH - Absolute Power
  • WRAITH - Absolute Power

WRAITH - Absolute Power
$3.00 - $19.99

"It’s got to feel surreal to be Joel Grind. The bleached-blonde maniac’s work in Toxic Holocaust is now so seminal that there’s a young band from Indiana called Wraith who are imitating it down to the tiniest detail. That’s not to say that Absolute Power doesn’t rule. It kind of rules! If you’ve ever gotten wasted and wrecked your neck to Hell on Earth or An Overdose of Death, you’re absolutely going to like it, and the album-closing cover of Misfits’ “Death Comes Ripping” is reason enough to stick around. Wraith are still young. They may well develop into a band with their own vision and sound. If they don’t, open another beer and bang your head to some extremely fun blackened metalpunk."
- Brad Sanders, The Best Metal on Bandcamp August 2019

"..this translates as something like Skeletonwitch playing The Exploited or Dead Kennedys covers...With the longest of these ten songs clocking in at just three and a half minutes, including a Misfits cover, Wraith are certainly channeling the punk ethos into their pretty straight-up thrash. Indeed at times, including the start of first track “Devil’s Hour,” you could be forgiven for thinking you were actually listening to an out-and-out punk record. At least until the vocals kick in. Guitarist Matt Sokol also handles mic duties and his delivery owes a lot to Cronos, with a nod to something like Deströyer 666."
- Angry Metal Guy

"Absolute Power is--besides a successful sophomore release--a killer slab of bombastic, aggressive, and otherwise heartfelt heavy metal. It's a certified headbanger, and remains one of the most fun releases I've had the pleasure of reviewing this year. Highly recommended!"
- Sleeping Village Reviews

"If Wraith’s music had been playing at the bar in the opening paragraph, Ozzy would have bitten the head off an ox. "
- Metal Observer

"Many of the guitar riffs from Matt Sokol possess that early Metallica Kill ‘em All spirit – as well as churning a bit of that Venom/Motörhead raw energy that galvanized musicians who clamored for bands that trusted instincts and played from the heart, not for commercial fame or fortune....Perfect for those who want to go back to the early/mid-80’s period and channel that youthful, pissed-off sound."
- Dead Rhetoric

"Thrash. Your. Face. Off. Period. Killer album. \m/"
- Metal Trenches

"Precision speed with lascivious vocals for those who like lots of neck-straining tempos in their music. Hard charging riffage is the key here, enthusiastically headbanging stuff that would fit comfortably next to your Witchery and Midnight records."
- The Mighty Decibel

Matt Sokol - Vocals & Guitars
Mike Szymendera - Drums
Chris Petkus - Bass

Recorded, mixed and mastered by CJ Rayson.
Death Comes Ripping written by The Misfits.
All music performed and written by Wraith.
Solos on Meaningless Planet, The Curse & War of Aggression performed by Jason Schultz.

Album art by Klutzfiction
Album layout by Chris Petkus

Track Listing

  1. Devil's Hour
  2. Acid Mass
  3. Meaningless Planet
  4. The Curse
  5. War of Aggression
  6. At the Stake
  7. The Hunt
  8. Eyes of the Sacred Ram
  9. Absolute Power
  10. Death Comes Ripping (Misfits Cover)
  11. Outbreak - Bonus EP - Index Case - The Quarantine Sessions
  12. Isolation - Bonus EP - Index Case - The Quarantine Sessions
  13. Diagnosis - Bonus EP - Index Case - The Quarantine Sessions
  14. Extinction - Bonus EP - Index Case - The Quarantine Sessions

Pressing Information

200 x CD in jewel case with an 8 page booklet and killer art by Klutzfiction ! (1st Pressing - SOLD OUT)

200 x CD SPECIAL EDITION re-press of Absolute Power with the addition of the band's brand new 4- song EP, Index Case: The Quarantine Sessions !

250 x 12" Vinyl LP includes 11x11 insert - SOLD OUT!
- 125 x Purple
- 125 x Purple / Yellow Swirl

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