CARNAL RUIN - The Damned Lie Rotting
$2.00 - $9.99

  • CARNAL RUIN - The Damned Lie Rotting
  • CARNAL RUIN - The Damned Lie Rotting

CARNAL RUIN - The Damned Lie Rotting
$2.00 - $9.99

"Carnal Ruin strike the ultimate balance between inspiration and instinct. Without a doubt these four songs represent Carnal Ruin’s paramount material thus far.
- Decibel Magazine

"FFFFUCK YES. Life is too short to listen to false metal, which is why we’re so happy Florida’s Carnal Ruin are making the kind of rending, disemboweling, taint-stomping death metal that’s present on The Damned Lie Rotting. This isn’t to say it’s all technicality and punch — these guys add a lot of melody to their music, making each song a pleasure to suck down, it just never sounds too flowery or polished. You know when you go to a death metal show, and opener you’ve heard of but don’t know blows you away so hard that you buy a shirt mid-set? This is that band."
- The PIT

Carnal Ruin is a four piece death metal band from Tampa, Florida. After self-releasing two demos, Immortal Domain (2018) and Gnosis of the Dead (2019), Floga Records (Greece) took note and released a compilation consisting of both demos entitled Gnosis of Immortal Domain at the beginning of this year. The band quickly went back to work and focused on creating their most ambitious material to date, effectively achieving a new level of intensity and brutality which resulted in a 4 song EP called The Damned Lie Rotting. Always drawing on their hometown roots, The Damned Lie Rotting is an amalgamation of the Tampa death metal sound with additional influences ranging from Entombed, Grave, Unleashed, Bolt Thrower, Napalm Death, and more. And with former Redefining Darkness Records artist Graveview vocalist, Hunter Young, at the helm, the band sound more potent than ever!

Carnal Ruin is:
Tony - Guitars | Vocals
Vince - Lead Guitars
Jared - Bass
Zach - Drums

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Hunter Young at The Swamp Sound in DeLand, FL. Additional engineering by Randall Karriker at Descendant Audio in Orlando FL. Artwork by Mortuus Art.

Track Listing

  1. Elder Spell
  2. Scholomance
  3. Ode to the Conquered (As the Damned Lie Rotting)
  4. Iniquitous, Devout

Pressing Information

500 x CD in jewel case w/ 4 page booklet and sick artwork courtesy of Mortuus Art.

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