ANGEL MORGUE - In the Morgue of Angels
$1.00 - $6.66

  • ANGEL MORGUE - In the Morgue of Angels
  • ANGEL MORGUE - In the Morgue of Angels
  • ANGEL MORGUE - In the Morgue of Angels
  • ANGEL MORGUE - In the Morgue of Angels

ANGEL MORGUE - In the Morgue of Angels
$1.00 - $6.66

"Having established cavernous death metal as the backbone of the song {Cosmic Torment], the band proceed to augment it with other permutations, including grand and gloomy melodic fanfares, shrill spiraling and freakishly swirling leads, vibrant bass pulsations, and changing drum rhythms. At times the song seems like a mad, exultant conflagration. But with a bass-led bridge, the band also take their foot off the gas and convert the music into a titanic lurching and lumbering golem of doom, a wretched shambling leviathan that moans, groans, and oozes sickness and misery. A wailing guitar contributes to the preternatural mood of these monstrous sensations — which well-suit the tale of a priest who has corrupted himself and become an instrument of evil."

"Today you might need something putrid and sickening to wash out your ear canals with filth, so I’m glad to be able to help you out....Right now it’s time for you to bang your head until it falls off the rotting corpse you inhabit!"

"A crushing and titanic debut album of nauseatingly heavy material, bringing an apocalyptic vision forth with doomy, blackened and totally ferocious old school Death Metal. Haunting and memorably groovy, there is plenty to love on this record with its demonic, brooding atmospherics and destructive rampages. A must listen for Death-Doom maniacs. -8/10"
- Nattskog

"Utter filth. That’s the sound that Angel Morgue can best be described as. Akin to having been dropped into a cesspool of blood, gore and faeces. The slurry thick and sludgy, where staying afloat long enough to get out is near impossible. You can try not to let any of the stinking mess get into your mouth but inevitably you’ll end up choking on it. It’s a waking nightmare caused by the sickening combination of cavernous doom, brutal death metal and hopeless black metal. Topped off with a blatant disregard for those with softer senses and feelings. Be warned, this is not an album to leave you with light and airy thoughts. Instead, it’s an album to drag your mind down into depressing and painful depths."
- Games, Brrraaains, & a Headbanging Life

"With In the Morgue of Angels, Angel Morgue deliver a strong, really beautiful and grumpy debut album that musically not only beats everything to pieces, it rolls everything flat and pisses all over it. It is also extremely well-balanced. This is exactly how pure 90’s worship Death Metal has to sound like nowadays!"
- Transcended Music Blog

"After further desecration and destruction the album ends with a barrage of slamming chords, reluctantly culminating in over one and a half minutes of feedback and reminding the listener that the experience they just had was visceral and memorable."
- Invicta Magazine

"This is cream of the crop death metal Angel Morgue have mustered and comes off as very boastful given they only have a demo prior to In the Morgue of Angels. Essential purchasing!" 8.5/10
- Angel Morgue

"At times the vocals also get very deep and cavernous sounding along with the guitar solos and leads being done in a very dark, melodic and old school style as well as the songs also adding in a decent mixture of slow, mid paced and fast parts and all of the tracks also stick to a heavier musical direction. The production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover evil, darkness and blasphemy themes."
- Blackened Death Metal Zine

Angel Morgue is a 5-piece Blasphemous Death Metal band from Manchester, New Hampshire (US), whose 2017 S/T debut EP caused a bit of a stir in the underground. With a cavernous Death Metal backbone wrapped in a veil of Doom, the band weave in fibers of Black Metal that make up their own unique brand of hopelessness. Angel Morgue proudly reference their major influences as Immolation, Incantation, and Desolate - and you can tell! The band expertly conjured the evil tonality and aggression that makes Death Metal so damn infectious. Obedience through volume is their mission.

Angel Morgue is:
Colin Ward - Bass
Drew Katsantonis - Drums
Ian Warren - Guitars
Josiff Scurto - Vocals
Leonard Trombly - Guitars

All music written & performed by Angel Morgue
Produced by Angel Morgue and Eric Sauter
Recorded and mixed by Eric Sauter
at Blackheart Sound
Mastered by Dan Randall
at Mammouth Sound Mastering
Photography by Mike Villars
Cover Art by Jef Whitehead

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300 x CD

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